Who We’ve Helped


Who We've Helped

Lyna is an impeccable agent – throughout the entire process, I felt very comfortable talking openly with her about what I envisioned in my home, and she went above and beyond to find a place which best suited my desired lifestyle, in spite of some admittedly challenging requests. She is extraordinarily kind, very understanding of all your concerns, and willing to give many well-informed pieces of advice. I highly recommend her!

-Andre, IT Developer, Booking.com

Working with Lyna made what could have been a stressful transition from the United States to Amsterdam so easy. I landed in Amsterdam, was told about Lyna by a friend, reached out and that afternoon I had a meeting with her. From there, it only took 5 days (including a weekend) until I found my perfect apartment. What’s more, I never saw an online listing for my apartment, so I truly could not have done it without Lyna. From there, she reviewed and negotiated my contract and set up all of my utilities. Not to mention the fact that she encouraged me to get on a bike for the first time in Amsterdam for an apartment tour, knowing she could help as I got used to the rules of the road. My apartment is one of my favorite things about living in Amsterdam, and it’s all thanks to Lyna’s help navigating what could have been a difficult and confusing process. Lyna gives you one, actually ten, less things to worry about as you navigate moving to a new country!

-Jenna, Regional Operations Manager, Uber

Who’s Lyna? She’s the strong perfume in a little bottle, fearless and extremely loyal to her clients fighting for the best houses or flats for them! I have a gorgeous house because of her. I was her client, now she’s my friend!

-Ina & Lulu, Lulu Lightening

Lyna was a tremendous help in our family’s apartment search, which was challenging because we needed more space than most house hunters in Amsterdam. She worked tirelessly to find us our dream apartment, which was everything we wanted and more. Many properties we saw were not even on the market yet, and we were able to see them because of her connections. She also negotiated our rental price down quite a bit, got us an advantageous contract, set up our utilities, and provided some of the best recommendations about things to do in Amsterdam. Working with her was a fantastic experience and we recommend her to everyone.

-Nick, Data Scientist, Uber

Thanks to Lyna, we have found a lovely apartment having all the required criteria in less than a week. She has been proactive, explaining to us how the market works in Amsterdam and transforming a stressful search into a lovely experience ! Lyna has been our guide and we would definitely call her again if we needed a new home!

-Pamela, Ambassador, Cartier

Moving from abroad was a ton of work, with a number of headaches along the way. Luckily working with Lyna made finding a place to live simple and easy.  We were able to kick things off before I even landed in Amsterdam, and Lyna was able to help me narrow down my search by painting a vivid picture of each neighborhood’s personality.  By the time I landed on the ground, she had already lined up a dozen viewings, and within a week, we had a lease signed in an apartment I couldn’t be happier with.


My wife, Brittany, and I had an excellent time working with Lyna to find our Amsterdam apartment. In just a day she was able to help us secure a place in a great location and at a good price, even with the added constraint of needing to accommodate our large dog, Ted. Along the way she taught us cycling etiquette and gave us a fabulous tour of the city. We would gladly recommend Lyna and her team to anyone who may need help!

– Christian, Brittany & Ted, Head of Growth, Geophy 

Life as an expat in Amsterdam and its surroundings inevitably draws you back into a real estate hunt, the good old lease hassle we all have to go through almost yearly. It’s the type of activity that sucks both of your time and patience dry with endless e-mail and phone call queues, refusals based on a generally shallow informing over key legal aspects among seekers. The help that AmsterdamLifeHomes provides in this scenery is by far the best you will get for the money in terms of advice and guidance. An initial assessment establishes a few ground rules and landmarks as to what the client wants and to what extent his/her demands are realistic and relevant to what the market offers at the time. Screenings and scheduling visits to properties are thoroughly filtered through the keen eye of the specialist, by your side at all times, excelling on working with tight schedules and prioritizing chance maximization. We feel blessed for having Lyna as a guide in our pursuit for a bigger home, suited for the expanding needs of our growing family and we believe that without her skills and determination our chances would have been way smaller. From understanding where our needs stand to guiding us towards asking the right questions and from transparent and prompt communication to providing objective feed-back they all add up to the most professional and courteous complete solution currently available on the market.

-Marian & Ana-Maria, Hospitality Experts, The Duchess & All-Stars Cafe

Lyna was a godsend as I tried looking for apartments in a new city. She was very prompt with communication and attentive to the smallest of details whilst searching for apartments for us. The personalised touch and attention to detail made the experience magical. We found the perfect place and she made it super easy to move in by hooking us up with utilities and internet from day one. She continues to be a good point of help for all silly questions related to our adjustment to Amsterdam. I highly recommend her services and wish her all the success!

-Abhinav & Ruchi, Regional Operations Manager & Product Operations Specialist, Uber

Lyna was referred to us by my friend and colleague to help us find a home in Amsterdam. I understand why she came highly recommended. She clearly heard what we wanted in a home and set about finding us options that met those requirements. She planned out the visits very well and made best use of the time that we had. All we needed was one day of house visits to find our perfect home. She is very friendly, attentive and patient and we are very happy with the entire process including the negotiation. She clearly explained the types of contracts and the pros and cons of each. The apartment we finally chose is perfect and we wouldn’t have found it without her help (it was from her first list BTW). Finding the right home in a new city is extremely important first step of beginning a new chapter in life and we are very happy to have had Lyna helping us on this.

-Amrita, Senior Product Manager, Uber

We had just arrived in Amsterdam and were looking to rent a place as soon as possible. Lyna went out of her way to find us the perfect apartment in the perfect neighborhood within one week. She even helped us set up utilities afterwards. Thanks again!

-Laurence & Anna, Technical Analyst, Uber

Lyna was absolutely fantastic in helping us find a home in Amsterdam. Having relocated from another country, we were stressed trying to figure out all of the details needed for getting a place. Lyna went above and beyond to calm that stress, ensuring we were aware of everything. She even helped us set up some key items like utilities after the contract was completed. 

During the whole apartment search process, Lyna was very proactive in learning about our preferences. She actively found many properties that fit our interests, and we had a good feedback loop leading up to the viewings day. On the day of viewings she made sure we were very comfortable throughout the process helping us rent bikes, and made sure we had enough breaks for coffee, tea and reflection. 

Our whole process was very magical thanks to Lyna, and we highly recommend her.

-Nate & Katia, Head of Central Operations, UberEATS

As part of the transition to making Amsterdam home, finding a a place was an important task that I wanted help and expertise on.  Lyna was the perfect person for the job!  She was able to get a good idea of what I was looking for and this was reflected in the neighborhoods and places she found me.  Whenever I had any feedback or new criteria, it was immediately noted, and I was super happy with the selection I had.  She was able to organize viewings quite quickly and work around my schedule.  During viewings, she asked great questions and it was apparent she was looking out for my interests.  I am absolutely thrilled with the place I found and all of the help she provided, and would recommend her in a heartbeat to any expat or resident who is looking for and values the comfort of home.

Laura, Regional Operations Manager, Uber

Who’s Lyna? She’s the strong perfume in a little bottle, fearless and extremely loyal to her clients fighting for the best houses or flats for them! I have a gorgeous house because of her. I was her client, now she’s my friend!

-Ina & Lulu, Lulu Lightening